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What do I get with my ezGive Package?

With ezGive, you get everything you need to implement, manage, and grow a successful recurring giving program for your church. This includes the ability to accept debit cards, credit cards, and e-checks through a powerful recurring automation system. You’ll also receive tools to help move your congregation to action, including brief but compelling video presentations you can show during service. This, along with secure, user-friendly, data management, custom pledge cards, and PCI compliance consulting make ezGive a powerful way to stabilize and grow your church’s revenue.

How much does it cost?

Implementing ezGive is a small investment that pays big dividends. The multi-media illustrations are available for only $199 for unlimited use as part of the ezGive program, or $599 when purchased alone. The ezGive recurring donation program is without up-front costs. All fees are paid out of each transaction (2.35% of the transaction amount).

Is it Secure?

Absolutely. The ezGive system is powered by Blue Financial Corporation (“Bluefin”) in Tulsa, OK. Bluefin is a Validated PCI Level 1 Service Provider, which is the highest attainable service provider level available in the industry. All the transactional volume of ezGive is supported by the BlueFin network. The network is hosted at 3 server farms to create robust redundancy, and our proprietary payment gateways use the highest form of encryption and security. Bluefin also has the distinction of being one of only 44 North American merchant processors to be an official PCI Security Standards Council Participating Organization.

Bluefin currently processes millions of secure transactions per day for clients ranging from newly formed ministries to Fortune 500 companies. So yes, the donor’s information is VERY secure. The ezGive team will assist your church in protecting donor information from the time it is received until the time it is entered into the ezGive system.

How will my congregation respond?

You may be surprised at how eager your congregation will be to participate in the ezGive recurring giving program. The key to getting a strong response is to collect the pledge cards IMMEDIATELY following the invitation to participate. If members are encouraged to register on-line at a later time, it rarely happens. Many church leaders prefer to use one of our multi-media illustrations to help reach the minds and hearts of some of the people who are not currently involved in giving at any level. It is important to provide plenty of time for the card to be completed after the members have had time to pray for a few moments, and perhaps discuss it with their spouse. To secure the giving information/commitment immediately after the cards are distributed, is vital.

Where does the 15%-27% revenue
increase come from?

The average church member is absent from 8.5 church services per year. Congregants who miss these 8.5 services RARELY “catch up” in their giving commitments. When you offer automatic recurring giving as the standard in your church, thereby eliminating the connection between physical church attendance and the act of giving, 16.3% more revenue will flow from the members who already give (8.5/52 weeks). In addition, when you prayerfully and consistently (we recommend 3-4 times annually) blend the use of the compelling multi-media tools with encouragement from church leadership and testimonials from the congregation, the 15%-27% target becomes very achievable. What is so wonderful about this program is that as church revenues rise, the givers are so THANKFUL FOR THE CONVENIENCE, and your church can do more for the Kingdom!

Who handles the donor “data”?

Your team will collect the data/donor cards in paper form. From there, the church staff can decide to manage your own ezGive database using the virtual terminal that comes with the ezGive program, or for $2 per record, you can ship the donor cards to us, and we will take care of the rest. Optional data entry and management services and custom reporting systems are also available..

Whats the difference between PayPal and ezGive?

  • Lower rates across the board (see Rates & Fees).
  • Your own merchant account which sends your funds directly to your bank account, unlike PayPal who holds your funds in their intermediary account allowing them to delay transfer to your organization’s account.  ezGive does not put any holds on your funds.
  • ezGive provides a seamless giving experience on your website. We won’t forward your visitors to a page that looks like an auction listing.
  • Our solutions are designed specifically for churches and ministries, not online auctions and retailers.

Our team can discuss the differences between ezGive and PayPal in more detail.