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How To Have A Huge Response!

Place the cards on every chair or along the pews before service.   During the offering time, explain that the cards are for those who are already committed to giving in your context, or who would like to begin for the first time.  Explain that it is a great convenience for those who are committed to giving regularly, as they no longer have to fumble around with a check, and it is also an important tool for the church to stabilize and predict the church’s budget, especially during the summer and winter travel months.

The key is to give congregants TIME to take the card home, and consider.  For those who want to commit now, it is vital to provide a pen or pencil, to have good light to see by, and to have a long musical interlude as the card takes about 4 minutes to complete.  It also helps to demonstrate from the platform how easily the card fits into the secure, sealed giving envelopes that you are already using,  It is also good to remind them that they can suspend their giving rhythm or change the recurring amount by providing 24 hours notice to the church. THEN , you take up the offering.       For the second and third weekend, you can either put the cards on every seat again, or  pass them out after asking for a show of hands from those who would like this convenience, or you can insert them where your normal envelopes go, usually in the pocket in the chair or pew in front of them.

Tending to these details, especially the THREE WEEKS IN A ROW dynamic, and directing people’s attention to the program each time is what separates a highly successful program from one that flounders.  We have the data to prove this.