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In-Service Tools

We provide stellar on-line giving solutions. There are other companies who provide similar on-line donation solutions, but ONLY Bluefin provides the vital In-Service tools you need to see a 500% increase in the response rate that occurs when you offer on-line giving alone.
INCLUDED in the Package
  • Powerful Video Vignettes Click here to view. These short, modern day parables stress the spiritual significance and practical importance of giving in a non-threatening way.   They are designed to be used a few times throughout the year to stir the hearts and minds of church attendees who are not yet actively engaged in the powerful act of worshipping through giving.
  • Free Convenience Cards– This vital tool is sized to fit in your current giving envelope and is designed to either determine initial interest in the concept of automatic giving, OR to launch the program.  In either case, they MUST be presented and mentioned during three successive church services for accurate interest to be determined.   Once initial launch occurs, they should be presented each May and early November in subsequent years.  It is vital to stress to the congregation that this is a great convenience for those who are committed to giving regularly, and it is an important tool for the church to stabilize and predict the church’s budget, especially during the summer and winter travel months.
  • Free Long Term Giving envelope design–  This important tool  can include your church logo, and it is designed to keep the important convenience of recurring giving in front of the congregation on a regular basis.  It is good to point out this convenience and the benefit to the church at least once a month during your regular services.   ezGive can provide free design, and low cost printing and shipping to your church.
  • The secure Virtual terminal– This vital tool is what powers the entire system.  It is web based, so it works from any computer in the world as long as the user has internet access.  With various levels of access that you pre-assign to various users, the ability to segment donations into different categories, and robust reporting and research features, this user-friendly tool has everything you need to manage your recurring donation program.
  • Think about it……..when you share an important spiritual or organizational message, do you see a greater response when you ask your congregation to respond right then, during the service to your message, or do you ask them to respond once they have had a chance to return home, have lunch, watch the ball game, and then respond somehow, “on-line” ?    (This is the problem with offering ONLY on-line giving as a place to register for an auto-give feature.   It is highly ineffective).
  • PRICING–  All of these vital In-Service Tools are available for the one- time fee of only $99 as part of the ezGive program.
  • The key is to present this convenience for 3 weekends in a row, so people get familiar with the cards and have time to pray about the decision.  This is the only way to determine an accurate participation level.